Six factors that influence the cost of a translation

There is often more to consider before starting a translation than you may think. At TranslaText, we consider these six factors that influence the bottom line of our quote for your translation work.

  1. The first and most obvious factor to consider is the length of the document and number of words to be translated. The longer the text the more time it will take to translate into a master piece in the target language.
  2. The next thing to consider is where will your translated text be used and what it is for. Is it for a bilingual website, a voiceover, subtitles, or just for internal use? Is it for a report or book? And do you want the translation to fit on the printed page with accompanying illustrations so it matches the original?If I’m translating a speech for you, it must be easy to read and pleasant to the ear – it may include plenty of imagery and idiom. On the other hand, a case study or technical text needs to be in plain and unambiguous language. A blog or promotional text needs just the right tone of voice to attract readers and encourage them to act on your CTA.
  3. In which format will you provide the text you want translated. Translators prefer to work in an editable file type such as MS Word, but you may have your text in a PDF, PowerPoint, InDesign file, or a CMS for your website. At TranslaText we don’t consider that an obstacle to translation, but this probably means we’ll need to do some extra preparation work before translation can actually start.
  4. Besides the text format, I’ll look to see what special features your document contains. I’ll ask you whether these need to be translated too. Translations for infographics, charts or tables usually require extra attention during the translation process to create compact and powerful renderings that fit in the space available.
  5. In good writing, titles and headings guide the reader through your document. They tell your reader what to expect and so carefully worded headings will encourage your reader to continue to the end.
  6. How quickly do you need the translation? You might want a press release translated immediately, in which case a rush fee may apply. Your delivery deadline is important. I’ll work out whether the time required for translation and finalising your texts can be completed within the time available. If not, we can discuss some alternative options.

These six points briefly explain the factors influencing the cost of a translation. Would you like a quotation for translation work? Please get in touch, I’ll be happy to discuss your project.

Please note: I cannot quote for a translation if I haven’t seen the entire text.

Translatext - Jenny Zonneveld

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash