A poem starting with ‘I am from… ’

A while ago I attended a series of creative writing workshops run by Matthew Curlewis of Amsterdam Writers. During the workshops we were given writing prompts and a limited time for writing.
I wrote this poem with the prompt ‘I am from… ’

I am from the mountains
I am from the sea
I am from crustaceans, ancient and long deceased.

I am from the living and
I am from the dead
I am rigid and solid but can come to life.

I am from the surface and
I am from the depth
I come in many colours, many forms, with stripes and wavy lines.

I can be made for remembrance
I can be made for enjoyment
I can be frustrating yet I can also give great pleasure.

I am cold, yet I am warm
I am rough but can be smooth
I am hard but can be soft
I am dull but can be made to shine.

I am a thing of beauty
I am confronting
I can empty your mind of stress and tiredness
To refill it again with peace, joy and happiness.

Translatext - Jenny Zonneveld

Photo by Jenny Zonneveld, Marble quarry near Carrara Italy