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The terms revising and editing are synonyms. At TranslaText we refer to reviewing and improving translations as revising, and reviewing and improving writing as editing.

I am available to edit and help you improve your own writing. I am also available to revise translations from Dutch and Flemish into English.

When you’ve written something in English that you will be sharing with your colleagues or your clients, on your website or even publishing in print to a wider audience, it’s wise to have a fresh pair of experienced eyes review your writing.

As a native speaker of English and with many years of experience working with non-native English, I’m able to spot and correct typical mistakes so your text reads as if it were written by a native speaker.

For more information about my philosophy for revising translations, read my blog

I offer three main levels of editing for business writing:

  • Proofreading: checking that your document is ready for publishing. This involves ensuring that all spelling, grammar and punctuation errors are eliminated. I will report any omissions or inconsistencies I note while working.
  • Copyediting: checking that the text is clear, consistent and that no important information has been omitted so your message comes across loud and clear. I will check whether you have explained any jargon used and that the vocabulary is appropriate for your audience. I can give your writing energy and rhythm making it attractive to read.
  • Big-picture editing: looking and assessing what works and what doesn’t in your piece, and explaining why. I will look at the structure and how the information is presented. Is there a logical flow of ideas? Is it coherent? Is the content, style and tone used appropriate for your intended audience? I will suggest changes to help make your communication as effective as possible.

When you engage my services for editing, I will first examine your document to assess which level of service is most appropriate to meet your needs. We will then agree a budget and time frame for the work.

My aim is to always ensure:
• your message is clear and complete;
• your writing is correct and concise;
• your text includes background information your readers need to understand your message.

Translatext - Business translation and copy - Jenny Zonneveld

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Translatext - Business translation and copy - Jenny Zonneveld
Translatext - Business translation and copy - Jenny Zonneveld
Translatext - Business translation and copy - Jenny Zonneveld
Translatext - Business translation and copy - Jenny Zonneveld